The Rector's Letter - June 2017
The Churches of St Lawrence,
All Saints, Little Bookham

Summer suns are glowing

"Summer suns are glowing
over land and sea,
happy light is flowing,
bountiful and free.
Everything rejoices
in the mellow rays,
all earth's thousand voices
swell the psalm of praise."

I used to love this hymn, when I was a child. It made me think of long summer holidays. Our village children are now enjoying their summer break and may it be a sunny one!

But even if our schools days are long past, we all can appreciate a time of rest and lazy days, when clubs and activities take their summer break, and the evenings are still light enough perhaps to enjoy supper in the garden after an afternoon’s weeding. We are so fortunate to live in our villages of Effingham and Little Bookham, surrounded by God’s green creation and beautiful open places to wander in at will.

God designed us to rest – which is why he also designed the ‘Sabbath’ – a time to stop and stare. Traditionally the Sabbath referred to Sundays and of course there are opportunities to relax in God’s presence at our various services. But we don’t need to wait until Sunday to take that God-given break. We may be at work – but can factor in time to switch off our computer and Smart phone, even for 15 minutes. We may have much to do in the house (or the garden!) but we can choose to sit down with a cup of tea and day-dream a little.

We can re-charge our batteries in God’s presence by saying a prayer of gratitude for the summer months and then, we too, can join in earth's thousand voices and
swell the psalm of praise.

May you have a restful – and sunny summer.
Your Rector,

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